After hundreds of years of struggle for life under oppression and displacement with attacks in 2012, now Rohingya Muslims are suffering hugely again.
Turkish Red Crescent has been providing humanitarian aids to Rohingya Muslims, who have lost their lives in escalating violent attacks and been forced to migrate, since 2012 and now reacts for their help cries once again.
Children, women, young, old… Turkish Red Crescent has initiated a humanitarian aid operation to deliver the donations of benefactors willing to relieve the Rohingya Muslims’ pain at every age and group both to their homelands, Myanmar and to those countries where they had migrated to and invites everybody to offer a helping hand again to this cry of help.
Let’s take action for those suffering in difficult conditions. Let’s relieve them together. Rohingya Muslims are waiting for your help.
You can text “ARAKAN” and send to 2868 via all GSM operators to donate TL 10.
Please donate to humanitarian aids to support Turkish Red Crescent. Thank you for your support on behalf of all those people in need.
How to donate to Turkish Red Crescent?
• Through donation collection systems for Turkish Red Crescent and donation accounts at banks (Bank Account Numbers),
• Electronic transaction with Credit Card on Turkish Red Crescent’s website,
• Via free hotlines and donation lines at 168 Turkish Red Crescent,
• With Turkish Red Crescent’s Postal Checking Account Numbered 2868 at all PTT Centers, and
• At all Turkish Red Crescent branches countrywide (you can check out branch addresses on our website).
Click “Donation Trace” on donations section of our website and enter your Turkish ID number or benefactor code to track your donations. 
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