Conditional Donations for Special Needs Classrooms

The Turkish Red Crescent builds “Special Classrooms” at public schools for the special educational needs of the children who are in need of support and care in a lot more ways than their peers since their birth. Thus, these children can go to the same schools as their peers in no need of special education.
The basics of these special classrooms are various educating materials and equipment aiming at auditory, visual and tactile learning to develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills to the extent which will help and contribute to our children’s fundamental education. With the donations to this project, the Turkish Red Crescent undertakes the internal design of these special classrooms called “You Are Very Special”, and supplies the materials facilitating the education of these children.
You can also contribute to the 8-year education of the children in need of special care and support with your donations.
You, too, can support the Turkish Red Crescent’s works by making financial donations for humanitarian aid. We, on behalf of all the people in need, thank you for your help and support.
You can track the status of your donations by typing your Turkish citizen ID Number or donator code in the “Donation Tracking” bar in the Donation segment of our website.

All the donators donating 500 TL or more and sharing their address information receive a certificate of appreciation.
You can call 168 (in Turkey), the Turkish Red Crescent Call Center to get further information on donations.
Special Needs Classrooms



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