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Mobile Kitchen Donation

Mobile Kitchen Donation

Turkish Red Crescent provides services through the Mobile Kitchen Project, which aims to meet the nutritional requirements of those in need more quickly in ordinary and unpredictable extraordinary situations (natural and man-made disasters). Soup, hot food, snack food and tea are distributed with the Mobile Kitchen, which warms the hearts of thousands of people especially during the winter months.

Mobile Kitchens contain food preparation and cooking units, as well as cooling and service sections, and the kitchens contain all the equipment in a modern kitchen.

Your Mobile Kitchen donations cover;

  • The requirements of those in need with the distribution of soup, hot food, tea and treats,
  • Equipment in the Mobile Kitchen (Generator, cookers, pots, sink, tea stove, workbench, hood, etc.),
  • Mobile Kitchen vehicle and superstructure expenses.

You can donate 10₺ by typing "MOBİL" and sending an SMS to 2868. (in Türkiye)

We, on behalf of all the people in need, thank you for your help and support. You, too, can support the Türk Kızılay’s works by making financial donations for humanitarian aid.
How Can You Donate to Türk Kızılay?
  • Via electronic process on the Türk Kızılay website using a credit card.
  • Through the Türk Kızılay donation payments system and donation accounts (Bank Accounts) in the banks

    * Ziraat Bank Türkiye Account Numbers;
    EURO IBAN: TR 9100 0100 2110 0000 2868 5256 Copy
    ACCOUNT NO: 2110-2868-5256 Copy
    BRANCH CODE: 2110  Copy

    * Ziraat Bank International AG Filiale Frankfurt Account Numbers;
    EURO IBAN: DE26 5122 0700 1080 0000 01 Copy
    KONTO NO: 1080000001 Copy
    BLZ: 512 20 700  Copy
  • Through 168 Türk Kızılay free call centre and donation lines. For international donors, please dial 0090 216 168 11 22 
  • From the Türk Kızılay Postal Cheque account number 2868 at all PTT Operation Centres,
  • You can make donation from all the Türk Kızılay branches in the Türkiye (You can reach our Branch Addresses from our website).
  • With Kızılay Mobile Application, Download App Store - Google Play
You can track our donations by entering your Republic of Türkiye ID or donor code to the "Donation Tracking" section in the donation section on our web page.
For more information about donations, please call the Türk Kızılay Call Centre, from Türkiye number: 168, from abroad number: 0090 216 168 11 22

Other communication channels for Institutional Material Donations;
Türk Kızılay Directorate of Donation E-mail: bagis@kizilay.org.tr
Türk Kızılay Institutional WhatsApp Line:+90 552 150 1868
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Mobile Kitchen Donation


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