16/12/2015 Paylaş:   


During the freezing winter conditions let's take care of the Syrians. Lets heal their wounds together.

11 million Syrian people have had to flee their homes because of the ongoing civil war and violent atmosphere in our neighbor Syria. More than 2 million Syrian people have sought refuge in our country. 

All kinds of needs of our Syrian guests residing at camps are met by related governmental institutions and by Turkish Red Crescent. However, nearly 2 million Syrians outside the camps still lack access to accommodation, food, education and psychosocial support that are among their basic needs.

Our benevolent people are doing their best for our Syrian friends who have been living in cities for 5 years, but now we need to do more. 

Let’s strengthen the humanitarian aid provided by Turkish Red Crescent, which relies on donations and grants. Let’s take the lead together to provide displaced Syrians with a blanket, a pot of food, a pair of shoes and a friendly compassion. It’s high time to help every child feel warm and every mother put her children to sleep on a full stomach. 

Come and take a step towards helping them make it through the harsh winter. It is time we heal their wounds together! 

Syrian people are in need of your aid this winter, too.