Branches Assume the Road Safety Project

16/12/2015 Paylaş:   

A “Workshop of Effective Communication with Politicians" was held in order to get more support from the Branches to the Road Safety Advocacy Project, which was launched by Turkish Red Crescent for the purpose of preventing deaths and injuries in traffic accidents resulting from the non-use of seat belts and for directing the legislators in this field.
Aiming to improve the communication skills in order to influence decision makers to strengthen road safety policies and to create an action plan, the Workshop was held in Ankara with the participation of the branches. Detailed information on the communications with politicians was provided to the presidents and executives of the branches in the workshop, which was also participated by the Secretary General of Turkish Red Crescent, Lawyer Ayşegül Genç, and by Vice President of the Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Turkey, Mrs. Semra Çetinkaya.
"More Tasks Falls on Our Branches"
Delivering a speech at the opening of the Workshop, the Secretary General of Turkish Red Crescent, Lawyer Ayşegül Genç, indicated her devotion since the beginning of the Road Safety Advocacy Project and thanked the volunteers involved in this work for their support.
Adding that it was quite convenient and meaningful that such a project would be run by Turkish Red Crescent, which has always been alongside the needy people throughout its history, Mrs. Genç also emphasized that the funds allocated for projects by the European Union can be utilized for the road safety project and for several other projects, and that the Branches should also better evaluate this issue as well.
 Reminding also that a draft law was prepared and send to the Grand National Assembly (TBMM) thanks to the project, Mrs. Genç stated that important developments would take place towards the ratification of the law. She also added that Red Crescent Staff who went to the meetings with the politicians may have effectively directed the decision-makers in the light of the the striking data and figures presented.