Federation Meeting Has Opened the Door to New Collaborations

16/12/2015 Paylaş:   

Senior executives of Turkish Red Crescent who participated this year's legislative meeting of the International Red Cross - Red Crescent Movement had the opportunity to make a comprehensive presentation on the work of the Turkish Red Crescent. The delegation of the Red Crescent, who established contacts with managers of many national associations and spoke of the humanitarian assistance efforts related to the regions, also shared the details of preparations made for World Humanitarian Summit to be held in Istanbul in 2016.
The Deputy Chairman of the Turkish Red Crescent Dr. Kerem Kinik, the General Manager Dr. Mehmet Güllüoğlu, the International Relations Manager Kaan Saner, the International Programs Manager Seval Güzelkilinç and expert personnel attended in the meetings which lasted for one week in Geneva,
Red Crescent delegation participated in the General Assembly meeting and in the meetings of the Council of Delegates, and made a detailed presentation about the Food Card and Community Center projects in the particular meeting which dealt with the own field works of the national associations. With these two projects, Turkish Red Crescent became exemplary to other national societies and received the admiration of the participants.
Cooperation Talks Were Held with the National Associations
The Red Crescent delegation under the presidency of the Deputy Chairman Dr. Kerem Kinik kept in touch with the presidents and managers of other national associations throughout the event received detailed information regarding the humanitarian crisis in the regions, and recalled the cooperation efforts that can be achieved regarding the solutions. The issues of improving existing collaborations were discussed during the bilateral talks with the respective official authorities of Palestine Red Crescent Society, Greek Red Cross, Norwegian Red Cross, Kirgizstan Red Crescent, Mongolia Red Cross, Bosnia and Herzegovina Red Cross, the Azerbaijan Red Crescent, Iraqi Red Crescent and Ukrainian Red Cross associations. During the very busy meetings, the Red Crescent delegation met also with ICRC President Peter Maurer and exchanged ideas on the agenda.

Preparations for World Humanitarian Summit Were Discussed
Providing information to the parties about the preparations for World Humanitarian Summit to be held in Istanbul between 23 - 24 May 2016, the Red Crescent delegation also supplied information on the topics to be discussed at the summit.
During the bilateral meetings, the issue of accepting into membership of the Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic Red Crescent federation was also discussed. Supports in this regard were requested from both the Federation authorities and from the national associations. The Chairman of Cyprus Red Crescent Mr. Ahmet Uluğbay also took part in these discussions.
The Tents Developed by Turkish Red Crescent Received Credit
The Turkish Red Crescent, having a significant place among the national associations within the scope of disaster response, set up a disaster tent and made a presentation at the meeting held in Geneva. Developed for areas with cold climates and produced by Turkish Red Crescent, the tent was carefully examined by the managers of the federations and national associations and was very well received.