Red Crescent Protects Also the Disabled People in Iraq

16/12/2015 Paylaş:   

Providing aids to the victims since June 2014 following the conflicts in Iraq, Turkish Red Crescent tries to extend its aiding hand to all sections of the society. One of them is the disabled Iraqi citizens. The teams of Iraq Delegation Head of the Turkish Red Crescent lastly realized the distribution of relief supplies to Aram Orphans and Injured Association in Erbil.
During the visit held with the Iraqi Crescent officials, the needed supplies as determined before were handed over. The Staff of Red Crescent distributed wheelchairs, beds, stoves, hygiene and food supplies to the individuals in need of care within the Aram Orphans and Injured Association, and they also had the opportunity to chat with disabled and homeless citizens. Obtaining information from the Association officials about the services provided at the Center, the Red Crescent team stated that similar aids will be continued in the coming days as well.
Aids to Flood Victims
Another important activity of Iraqi Delegation Head of Turkish Red Crescent was their aid response to the flood occurring after the excessive rains in Setekan Region of Erbil. Being in the country for providing humanitarian aids to the people who are forced to flee their homes due to the conflicts, Red Crescent teams have provided aids this time to the families who fled their homes due to flood disaster. Emergency aid supplies were distributed to those affected by the flood.