Aids to Bayirbucak Turkmens Do Not Slow Down

16/12/2015 Paylaş:   

Taking action for more aids to Bayirbucak Turkmens who face hard times due to bomb attacks, Turkish Red Crescent continues without interruption the humanitarian aid shipments from the over-border point to the Turkmens. The materials shipped by Red Crescent include principally various food ingredients along with women and children supplies, sheltering tents, and winter clothing items.
Thousands of Bayirbucak Turkmens fled their homes as a result of the attacks and took refuge in the tents in Yamadiye camp near Yayladaği border of Hatay Province. Thousand others remain at their homes and fight for their lives and survival under the shadow of the bombs. Closely following the developments in the region and dispatching humanitarian aid to the region almost every day, the Turkish Red Crescent has increased the amount of its aid after what has happened recently. Shipments of food, tents, winter clothes, clean water, and women and children supplies are made to the region over the border.
Accommodation and Food is the Primary Need
Up to now, a total of 2523 tents have been send to Bayirbucak Turkmens who struggle for life in Yamadiye camp, and their installations have been made. In addition; 24,500 blankets, 2,900 beds, 250,000 pieces of clothing, approximately 30,000 pieces of hygiene kit and sanitary materials were also shipped. Drugs, medical supplies and medical devices were also present in the humanitarian aids sent to the region.
Clean water is one of the greatest needs in the region, for which the Red Crescent has launched works and has so far delivered 180,000 liters of water beyond the boundary. Tens of tons of relief supplies ranging from canned foods to dry foods, from flour to bread, and from biscuits to baby food were also delivered to Bayirbucak Turkmens.
Turkish Red Crescent, which has been dispatching humanitarian aids to Bayirbucak Turkmen for approximately 4.5 years, has increased its over-the-border aids by three-hundred percent following the recent conflicts.
Hot Food and Bread Are Produced
Food is cooked every day in the mobile kitchen set up in the Yayladaği center for the Turkmens who struggle for survival in their tents. Food shipment is made to Yamadiye camp twice daily depending on the need. Similarly, the bread for the Turkmens are produced in the mobile bakery built by the Red Crescent. Approximately 10,000 loaves are produced daily and shipped over the border.
Humanitarian aids coming from all over Turkey are sorted out by the Red Crescent teams responsible from the aids and are then delivered to Bayirbucak Turkmen at the zero point of the border. Red Crescent teams, who are prepared for all kinds of emergency situations at the border, also serve through the mobile catering vehicles the survivors who keep waiting at the border.