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Support to Syrians from Students

The Turkish Red Crescent that gets the praise and support of all sections of the community for the humanitarian aid operations it carries out gets support to its “Don’t Ignore” campaign. Recently, the students of Irfan College has shown exemplary behavior by donating the money they collected among themselves to the Turkish Red Crescent for the fulfilment of the needs of the Bayırbucak Turkmens.
By not staying quiet about the drama being experienced by the Syrians, the teachers and the students of Private Irfan College have collected money among themselves within the context of social responsibility project. The students set an example to their peers by donating the money they collected to the Turkish Red Crescent wishing that the needs of Bayırbucak Turkmens in Syria are supplied.
“We’re happy for supporting”
Emphasizing their wish to be cooperating with the Turkish Red Crescent continuously, the Vice-Principal Burak Yılmaz said “With such social responsibility projects, we’re teaching our students to share. By this means, they are learning what a strong emotion it is to help. We’re experiencing the happiness of supporting the Turkish Red Crescent.”
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The Turkish Red Crescent has the right without permission of the fundraising is a public benefit corporation.


Companies, mainly according to the Turkish Red Crescent Food Banking employees do their food, cleaning, clothing, fuel, can benefit from the tax exemption for donations to save costs.