Winter Relief to the Needers in Iraq

31/12/2015 Paylaş:   

The Turkish Red Crescent that increased aid to the displaced people and refugees of Syria hasn’t forgotten the needers in Iraq. This time heating stoves were distributed to the people in Iraq who had to leave their homes and became displaced in their own countries due to DAESH attacks. The Turkish Red Crescent Chairman of the Board of Directors Kamil Kolabaş and Iraqi Turkmen Front’s Deputy Aydın Maruf have also accompanied the distribution.
The Turkish Red Crescent that dispatched various kinds of humanitarian aid, mainly food, to the villages in Bahirka and Eskikelek regions of Erbil before, has distributed heating stoves to the families this time as part of winter aid.
There is no Discrimination in Aids
Kamil Kolabaş, saying that millions of people, Turkmens, Arabs and others belonging to various ethnic groups had to leave their homes and became displaced in their own countries, has added “We reached almost all of these groups. We aided them according to their needs and we are continuing to do so. We started new aid efforts due to winter. We are approaching sensitively to the drama being experienced in the region now as we did before, we are trying to do our very best”.