The Turkish Red Crescent Food Card is Supporting all the Syrians

31/12/2015 Paylaş:   

The Turkish Red Crescent that supplies the food needs of the Syrians that are being hosted in the accommodation facilities with the aid of Food Card project that it has developed will support the Syrians which are trying to live with their own means in various parts of our country within the context of this project. The Turkish Red Crescent, in cooperation with the World Food Program (WFP), is giving aid to the Syrians outside the accommodation facilities and have reached to 59 thousand 293 beneficiaries to the present by adding 8 million 718 thousand Turkish Liras to the cards. 
The Turkish Red Crescent and the financier of the project WFP had been giving financial support with the “Food Card” to the Syrians in the accommodation facilities from October 2012 to the present and has started giving aid to the Syrians spread over Turkey after the deepening of the human crisis. Recently, the Turkish Red Crescent is focusing on the Syrians living outside the accommodation facilities and has started pilot studies in Gaziantep, Hatay, Şanlıurfa, Kilis and Kahramanmaraş. 
Throughout the mentioned cities, The Turkish Red Crescent personnel started doing field work determining the neighborhoods where the Syrians live and going door to door. The Red Crescent talks face to face with the Syrian families, determines their needs and gives Red Crescent Food Cards to the families needing aid.
More Relief to More Families
The Turkish Red Crescent is working meticulously to reach more Syrians who need aid. Besides reaching the Syrians through Şanlıurfa Community Center that it has established to give educational and psychosocial support, by making use of the registrations in the local administrations, the Turkish Red Crescent will distribute Food Cards to more people in the coming period.
The project that is being applied in cooperation with the World Food Program will start to be applied to the other cities besides the mentioned five.
Aid to the Handicapped People
The Turkish Red Crescent team, while going door to door to determine the Syrians needing help, is helping the people regarding their other urgent needs also.
The Red Crescent teams work meticulously especially in regards to handicapped Syrians and have provided wheelchairs to many people up to the present.
317 Million Liras to the Syrians in the Accommodation Facilities
The Red Crescent Food Card project is being applied starting from October 2012 up to the present. The Project was first applied in the accommodation facilities. 316 million 986 thousand liras have been transferred to the Food Cards distributed to the Syrians who are being hosted in the facilities.