Educational Relief to Iraq from Turkish Red Crescent

11/04/2016 Paylaş:   

Our help to victims in Iraq, that fled their homes and became refugees in their home country, perpetually continues. Educational institutions take advantage of Turkish Red Crescent’s humanitarian relief as much as citizens. Recently, 5 different schools received educational assistance.
The delivery of relief to schools in Altunköprü town in Kerkük has begun. The President of Delegation, Bülent Bilgin stated that about 240 desks and chairs have been delivered to the school administrators and subsequently the aid materials, including school desks, desks, blackboards and projectors, are to be delivered in two shipments.
Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF) MP Aydın Maruf thanked to Turkish Red Crescent and stated “Many regions in Iraq including Altunköprü town has been given support by Turkish Red Crescent. Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency undertook the renovation of 15 schools in Erbil. Our schools are renewed, thanks to Turkey’s support.” following his participation in disbursement of aid attendance.
Adana Brings Relief to Kerkük
“Turkish Red Crescent also organizes the distribution of aid materials shipped from Turkey. Aid truck prepared in cooperation with Turkish Red Crescent and Adana Metropolitan Municipality set off to Turkmens living in Tuz Khormato region.
Humanity must live in peace and brotherhood. Injured or deceased civilians have no part in war and terror. Our nation is quite sensitive in these matters. Cross-border aid, which initiated as a result of the sensitivity of our nation and Adana Metropolitan Municipality, continues for innocents in conflict.” added the President of Delegation.