Social Market for the Turkmens of Bayırbucak

11/04/2016 Paylaş:   

A social market is set for whom have fled conflict and took shelter in a refugee camp in Güveççi, Hatay. First hand clothes and shoes are distributed by the Turkish Red Crescent at the social market of temporary refugee camp.
Turkish nation, who shows a great deal of sensitivity for Bayırbucak Turkmens in Syria, also looks out for Turkmens in temporary protection. Turkmens of Bayırbucak in Güveççi refugee camp in Hatay receives aid for all their needs from all corners of Turkey.

Turkish Red Crescent distributes the donated clothes and shoes according to the needs in the social market of the refugee camp. The age and gender sorted clothes are distributed under the supervision of mukhtars. The social market, which all use according to their needs, is never out of stock thanks to generous donators.