Turkish Red Crescent Stands By Madaya

11/04/2016 Paylaş:   

Humanitarian tragedy in Madaya under siege of regime forces and Hezbollah militia has continued since June 2015. After starvation deaths and the pressure of the world public opinion, these forces lifted the blockade in Madaya for humanitarian aid for some time and then re-blockaded to the outside world.
Turkish Red Crescent, who have been protecting civilians from suffering since the beginning, keeps delivering aid to Madaya in cooperation with non-governmental organizations. Turkish Red Crescent made a list of families in need the most in Madaya, where 40.000 people live under siege, and successfully delivered aid packages to cover their basic needs. Having determining around 200 families of more than 6 persons; Turkish Red Crescent delivered aid packages consisting of baby milk, baby food, sugar, flour, rice, bulgur, dried beans, canned fish, olives, tomato paste, pasta and halva.
Alper Küçük, the Vice General Director of Turkish Red Crescent, drew attention to aid distribution made under difficult circumstances and said “There is a humanitarian tragedy going on in Madaya”. We urge the warring factions to compliance of international humanitarian law. Madaya’s doors must remain open for humanitarian aid. In particular, the mechanisms that can provide sustained aid must be brought into action. We have supplied 150,000 TL aid to those in need though challenged with purchasing and distribution difficulties. We will continue to help.” the officials said.