Kerem Kınık Period at Turkish Red Crescent

11/04/2016 Paylaş:   

General Assembly of Turkish Red Crescent was held in Ankara with participation of delegates across the country and distinguished guests. Dr. Kerem Kınık was selected the President with the majority of votes.
The General Assembly, which was held in ATO Congresium where 1,303 delegates from about 700 Turkish Red Crescent Branches attended, had the expected atmosphere of enthusiasm and Red Crescent spirit. Kerem Kınık was selected the new President of Turkish Red Crescent at the General Assembly whit participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as the guest of honor, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, ministers, members of parliament, bureaucrats, and directors of non-governmental organizations.
The New President of Kindness Movement
Dr. Kerem Kınık gave the opening speech at the General Assembly by stating Turkish Red Crescent to be a kindness movement and added “Red Crescent Society is a way of life. Red Crescent Society is a path. Those with the Red Crescent spirit might be directing our branches. They might as well be carrying a food package to the poor.”.
Expressing the fact that Red Crescent spirit is about a race in kindness, “The flag passes from hand to hand. If those who are climbing up the stairs cannot look at in the eye of those climbing down as they climb, they may feel sorry when it is their turn to climb down. We are neither generals nor seeking victory. We are porters looking for weight to carry.”
A Stronger Turkish Red Crescent Society
“Turkish Red Crescent will attract many leaders in the society in technical terms. And it is worthy of your courtesy. Insha’Allah we turn a new page in the new period.” he continued.
“Today, 81 million people are in need of other people to live. In this day and age, every day 42,500 people seek asylum. Every 30 seconds a Syrian child seeks asylum. Today we shelter 3 million refugees in Turkey. We need to share these people’s sorrows. We also need to help our people who lost their homes in terror attacks in Sur, Nusaybin, Dargeçit and Dağlıca. In 2017, Turkish Red Crescent will be directing ICRC. In other words, Turkish Red Crescent will set the agenda of ICRC movement. To a Stronger Turkey and Stronger Red Crescent”
President Erdoğan Commemorates the Founders of Turkish Red Crescent
The President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has always been there for Turkish Red Crescent Society and strengthening the society with his support and who is also the Honorary President of Turkish Red Crescent, expressed his gratitude to those who showed effort, assisted and served for Turkish Red Crescent in Turkey and the world for the last 148 years. He commemorated Dr. Besim Ömer, Celal Muhtar, Safiye Hüseyin Elbi, Yusuf Akçura and all others who helped Turkish Red Crescent enshrine in peoples’ hearts with respect, honor and grace.
“Turkish Red Crescent has become a global aid organization that operates not only in 81 provinces of Turkey, but also in a wide geography stretching from the Balkans to Africa and Asia,” President Erdoğan said and added: “It is time and even running late that Turkish Red Crescent has built an infrastructure that befits this grand mission and vision.”
“A strong infrastructure is needed.”
“Besides post-disaster response, a strong infrastructure is needed for disaster preparedness” said Erdoğan and continued:
“As Mister Prime Minister pointed out, we are prepared to do anything in our power in order for Turkish Red Crescent Society to achieve the 2020 goals. We shall pursue these goals on hand-to-hand and shoulder-to-shoulder. Our nation opens its heart and shares what they have with any individuals and institutions once they are sure of their sincerity, honesty, diligence and willingness. Have no doubt on that. I believe Turkish Red Crescent is advancing on this very path. As long as our and your place in nation’s heart remains, you shall witness the rest of the problems to be swiftly solved. Bear in mind that none shall prevent or block you, if you have the whole nation behind you. There is no reason not to accomplish great achievements as long as the Turkish Red Crescent Society grows into a nation’s organization and reinforces its place.
“We will expand the radius of action.”
Erdoğan expressed the fact that 22 million TL was raised in the last three years through overseas aid campaigns from Syria to Afghanistan, and Palestine to Somalia and 18 million in need had been reached, which is applaudable. Erdoğan stated that having reached 91.000 members across the country, Turkish Red Crescent will get these remarkable services across to all fellow citizens. “I believe, only then these numbers will increase incrementally every year. We will work harder for a great, strong and respected Red Crescent Society. There is Red Cross on one side and Red Crescent on the other side of the world... We will expand our Turkish Red Crescent Society. Insha’Allah we will expand the radius of action on a wider geography” Erdoğan added. Erdoğan reminded fellow citizens to text “2868”, which can be used by all cellular operators, to support Turkish Red Crescent with 10 TL, and expressed his gratitude to those who have and will donate. President Erdoğan stated that Allah is on the side of the righteous.
Compliments from Prime Minister to Turkish Red Crescent
Addressing the General Assembly of Turkish Red Crescent, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu pointed out the transform in Turkish Red Crescent. “We have a Red Crescent Society that was gathered up with such compassion and is equipped with such power, yet today the world admires it enviously.” The Prime Minister said. The Prime Minister Davutoğlu continued his speech by noting “It was long due to reveal the true importance of the Turkish Red Crescent, which has been enriching the compassion and power of the Republic of Turkey while being the hope of oppressed nations and empowered and supported by them since Hilal-i Ahmer (Ottoman Red Crescent Association). Justice and Development Party (AKP) Government which first started under the leadership of our President, enabled Turkish Red Crescent to reveal its true importance and achieve its fundamental mission. Turkish Red Crescent is a fondness movement. One simply cannot become a Red Crescent Society member if he lacks the fondness in Allah’s creation, cannot look at a child with affection or cannot reach out to a hand in need under an earthquake rubble.”
New Board of Directors of Turkish Red Crescent
Delegates across the country voted after the opening speech. According to votes, the new Board of Directors under the Presidency of Dr. Kerem Kınık were selected as follows: İsmail Hakkı Turunç, Att. Ayşegül Genç, Dr. Naci Yorulmaz, Hüseyin Can, Prof. Dr. Fatma Meriç Yılmaz, Tuncay Kopuz, Ercan Tan, Sabahattin Tezdiğ, Cengiz Yurdabekçi and Ahmet İşgüzar.
Members of Board of Control
The new Members of Board of Control of Turkish Red Crescent are as follows: Prof. Dr. Turan Arslan, Att. Ali Dilber, Cengiz Koç, Ahmet Hizanlıoğlu, İlhami Yıldırım.
Addressing the delegates at vote of thanks speech, “We praise our Creator, Him who puts us in the path of goodness. We salute our Prophet” he ended his speech and celebrated the flag take-over ceremony with delegates and guests.