Turkish Red Crescent Reaches Out to Flood-Stricken Sri Lanka

25/05/2016 Paylaş:   

Turkish Red Crescencent Society was one of the international aid organizations which came to the rescue of Southeast-Asian country Sri Lanka, struck by flood caused by heavy downpour. The Society shipped family-type tents, blankets and solar energy lighting kits to the victims.
Turkish Red Crescent Society which acted upon the flood which caused the loss of 200 lives and directly affected another 500 thousand, shipped the humanitarian aid materials to Sri Lanka. The shipment which was welcomed by the Sri Lankan Disaster Management Ministry, Sri Lankan Red Cross officials and Embassy of the Turkish Republic officials were delivered to the officials to be distributed to the victims after the formalities. 
Ambassador Tunca Özçuhadar participated in the reception for the delivery of the relief materials. Ambassador Özçuhadar who delivered the shipment to the Anura Priyadarshana Yapa, the Sri Lankan Disaster Management Minister, reminded that Turkey was one of the first countries to lend a helping hand to the country after the tsunami in 2004, and again was quick to share the suffering of Sri Lanka in the recent flood.
Minister Yapa thanked Turkey for their help, noting that it is very meaningful that Turkey brings relief to Sri Lanka while already hosting more than 3 million refugess with their own means. Reminding that Turkey supported Sri Lanka during the tsunami in 2005 by building 250 residences, Yapa concluded that it is impossible for the Sri Lankan people to ever forget what Turkey has done for them.