World Humanitarian Summit

25/05/2016 Paylaş:   

The World Humanitarian Summit, organized this year for the first time under the Turkey which brought together thousands of decision makers around the world  started with a heavy agenda. Turkish Red Crescent Society which has an important place in the event is also making a remarkable presence in the Summit. The senior administration of the Society, led by General Director Dr. Kerem Kınık, are making contacts to raise community awareness about humanitarian crises.    
The World Humanitarian Summit, the three-day event which started in İstanbul had a fast start. The Academic Forum before the Summit was moderated by General Director, Kınık. Following the flag assembly at the venue, Istanbul Congress Center, the Summit was officially started.   
General Director Dr. Kerem Kınık, which participated in the conference “United for the Future of Humanity” expressed his belief that the young people can find the resolution to problems with their sense of justice, sharing and the belief that they can change the world. He added “because you are the future of this world and the leaders of the future. When you are preparing for the future, keep in mind not only yourself and your family but the entire humanity. It’s only then that this world would be beautiful and worth living”.
“There is a Need for Uncalculated Approach of Young People”
Kınık, who defined “young” as anyone who has dreams and dares to ask the question “how can I change the world?” said that it has always been young people who changed the fate of people and communities. Kınık said that the young people can put an end to all suffering in the world, added:
“As it has been historically the case, we need young people for the resolution of problems. In today’s world, we see a 20-times increase in all armed conflicts. The number of people affected by natural and human disasters reached 220 million. There are 65 million refugees who had to leave their homes and countries by the force of arms. Every day 42 thousand 500 people are becoming refugees. These people have not abadoned their homes and homelands for centuries for no reason. They are fearful of their lives, they are compelled to hold on to different geographies and abandon their homeland to provide a better future to their children, their families. So at just this time where we try to deal with problems of such major scale, the world needs your pure and uncalculated approach”.
“We Are Human If We Feel Others’ Pains As Our Own”
Kınık stated that under the World Humanitarian Summit, representatives from 180 countries and about 6 thousand humanitarian aid shareholders will address the problems of the humanity, seeking to resolve them. Kınık, who said that the Turkish Red Crescent Society seeks to achieve more fair world, continued: 
“Turkish Red Crescent Society is a massive network  of 148 years old. We have 700 branches and 6 thousand employees. We have taken humanitarian aid to 146 countries to date, which we still continue. There is a draught crisis in the Horn of Africa, which is similar to the one in 2011. In this framework, we carried humanitarian aid packages of 11 thousand tons to Mogadishu last month. Two months ago, we sent food of 10 thousand tons to Yemen. During the upcoming Ramadan month, a vessel carrying 10 thousand tons will set off for northern Somalia and Ethiopia. We are human as long as we feel others’ pain as our own. If we feel full when someone else out there is going to bed hungry, then we need to question our humanity”.      
“Prepare for the Future Thinking About the Humanity”
Kınık stressed that today there are 980 million people every night who go to bed hungry. Kınık added that 3.5 million babies die of hunger before even turning 5 every year, while on the other hand, there are people who get it for excessive food and energy consumption. “There are 4 billion tons of food produced in the world, 1.3 billion tons of which are wasted without consumption. We are wasting resources. We do not share what we have. What the world offers us is abundant; they are more than enough for everyone. You, the young people, you can overcome these problems with your sense of justice and sharing, and your belief in changing the world. Because you are the future of this world and the leaders of the future. When you are preparing for the future, keep in mind not only yourself and your family but the entire humanity. It’s only then that this world would be beautiful and worth living”.
Meeting with Humanitarian Aid Actors
During the Summit, General Director Kınık and Turkish Red Crescent administrators met with UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, UN Assistant General Secretary Kyung-Wha Kang as well as IFRC and ICRC Presidents, and had bilateral meetings with the presidents of national societies.   
President Kınık who also opened the briefing meeting of the Red Crescent and Red Cross delegation, visited the booths which were opened as part of the Summit.