The Most Colorful Activity of WHS: “10 Soups from 5 Continents”

25/05/2016 Paylaş:   

While the World Humanitarian Summit continued with full speed, colorful booths excited the audience. No doubt that one of them was the “10 Soups from 5 continents” activity. 
In the tents set up at the Istanbul Congress Center, Turkish Red Crescent Society cooks led by Hazer Amani who prepared the local soups of Turkey, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, Haiti, Indonesia, Palestine, Sudan and Bosnia were the actors of the probably the most colorful activity of the Summit.  
Turkish Red Crescent President Dr. Kerem Kınık, said that the “10 Soups from 5 Continents” activity was one of the many side events of the summit, introducing the soups from the countries where Turkish Red Crescent actively reaches out with humanitarian aid, said that on each day 2-3 thousand participants will be served soup.
Interest in the Soups
Kınık said “the aim here is to communicate to the world that the people and the cultures in the regions affected by natura or human disasters are living people and cultures as ours. Serving these soups is a message to convey the problems that these people are faced with”. Inviting the heads of the state and governments of various countries to their booth, Kınık said that they can see senior officials, ministers, bureaucrats in the Turkish Red Crescent Society booths.
As well as ezo gelin and ayran soup as delicacies of the Turkish cuisine, the guests were served Haitian beef stew, Bosnian chicken soup with vegetable, Somalian curry chicken soup, Palestinian chickpea soup, Syrian red lentil soup, Pakistan’s lentil soup with lemon and greens, Indonesian chicken soup. Also in the lunch and dinner, the menus which are served to the refugees were presented to the participants.