Kızılay Mark at the World Humanitarian Summit

30/05/2016 Paylaş:   

World Humanitarian Summit, the first edition of which was hosted by Turkey, has ended. Turkish Red Crescent Society made a mark on the event which drew attention to human crises in the world as well as relief efforts through tens of panels and side events. The national Society which drew wide attention with the catering of soups from around the world, disaster simulation game, and projects which bring realistic solutions to humanitarian aid was the organization which received the biggest attention from international representatives.
The Summit which was joined by 10 thousand people from 173 countries received 900 local and international press representatives. Turkish Red Crescent Society, which is one of the most important partners in making the Summit happen, was a part of the event with a high number of staff. General President Dr. Kerem Kınık, the senior executives, and the organization staff made important contacts, signed cooperation protocols, attended panels and hosted Turkish and international guests.
Important Contacts
Before and after the Summit, General President Kınık made bilateral contacts with President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, President of the International Red Cross, general presidents of national societies and state leaders, stressing the importance of collaborative effort in a more effective elivery of humanitarian aids.
During the Summit, many panels were moderated by Turkish Red Crescent Society’s senior executives. In these panels whi hdrew attention to the events in Syria Turkish Red Crescent approaches to human aid were discussed and the future of these efforts was reviewed with the participants.
Attractive side events
The Summit was a showcase of tens of very innovative side activities. The “10 Soups from 5 Continents” side event was one of the most popular with the audience. The soups from various parts of the world were served to the participants throughout the event. Although there were separate booths for each cuisine, there were long queues in front of the booths.
Another attractive side event was the disaster simulation game. Turkish Red Crescent Society, who joined forces with PulseVR which developes virtual reality contents to prepare an education VR project, exposed the participants of the Summit to this “virtual” experience. The project which used the most current VR Technologies (HTC Vive) prepares the users to the earthquake, makes them feel the earthquake and experience break from the building.
The Society which informed the participants about the Community Centers which serve Syrian guests, Child-Friendly Space, and the “Kızılay Food Card”, showcased its activities to the wider community by an exhibit of photographs.
While ten thousand people attended the World Humanitarian Summit which continues over two days, about 6 thousand found the opportunity to join the side events organized by the Turkish Red Crescent Society. General President Kınık extended his appreciation to the Society members for their intense efforts in making the event a success.