The Charity Ship Reached Somalia

31/05/2016 Paylaş:   

Somalian Charity Ship which set sail form the Haydarpaşa Port in İstanbul reached its destination. The 11-ton humanitarian aid materials which was welcomed by the Turkish Red Crescent representatives and local authorities in Somalian capital Mogadishu will start to be distributed after completion of formalities.
The vessel which carried 11 tons of food aid jointly organized by Turkish Red Crescent Society in collaboration with Prime Ministry’s Disaster and Emergency Management Directorate (AFAD) reached the Mogadishu Harbor. The Charity Ship which left Haydarpaşa Port on May 8th was welcomed by Mr. Olgan Berkar, Turkey’s Ambassador for Somalia, Musa Yıldız, Head of the Turkish Red Crescent Society Delegation, and the Somalian officials at the Mogadishu Port. 
Ramadan Abundance on Dinner Tables
Abdurreşid Muhammed Hidek, Somalian Ministry of the Interior, made a statement about the project: “We would like to thank the Turkish people for the humanitarian aid they have offered. Turkish people stood by us in our difficult times. Turkey still plays a very significant role in humanitarian aid”. Hidek, who explained that the Somalian government will make sure that the aid is distributed to the people in need in all regions of the country, said that the timing of the distribution which coincides with the month of Ramadan is important and that it will alleviate the hardships which people experience during this month.