540.000 Dollars of Aid for Gazan Victims

31/05/2016 Paylaş:   

Turkish Red Crescent Society started distributing food parcels and hygiene materials to the victims in Shuja’iyya, the region most affected by the bomb attacks of Israel where almost all houses became unusable. Under the humanitarian aid campaign with a total cost of 540 thousand dollars, 8 thousand people were reached in the first phase.
Turkey which promised to provide a relief worth of 200 million dollars between 2015-2017 to support the reconstruction of Gaza and the development of Palestine at the Donors Conference held in Cairo in October 2014, fulfilled its promise. As part of this project, AFAD transferred funds to the Society for the 540-thousand-dollar project. Turkish Red Crescent Society, which provides relief to the region on an uninterrupted basis, distributed the food and hygiene materials provided locally to 1560 families.
The first aid station in Gaza’s Karara town
Another project of the Society in Gaza was opening the first aid station, located in the El-Karara town on the Israeli border, with the financing of the Turkish Red Crescent Society and the collaboration of Karara Municipality and Palestinian Red Crescent. Karara’s mayor Abdurrahim el-Ibadile, who spoke at the opening ceremony attended by representatives from the Turkish and the Palestinian Red Crescents and the security staff thanked the Turkish Red Crescent Society for financing the first aid station which cost 10.200 dollars. Ibadile added that the Society was the first organization to respond to their call for building a first aid station in this heated border town which constantly receives attacks.