Turkish Red Crescent and Turkcell Join Forces for Good Causes

07/06/2016 Paylaş:   

Turkish Red Crescent Society and Turkcell joined forces before Ramadan, the month of sharing. Thanks to the cooperation protocol signed between the two leading institutions, relief packages worth 5 million TL will be sent to the people in need by the end of the year.
Dr. Kerem Kınık, the General President of the Turkish Red Crescent Society and Ahmet Akça, the Chair of Turkcell Board of Directors met at the event, which was publicized with the slogan “Collaboration for Human Relief”.
“Turkcell’s Food Aid to 30 Thousand Families in Ramadan”
General President Kınık stated that the two strongest brands of Turkey joined forces to increase charity, social solidarity and resilience. “Kızılay and Turkcell are teaming up to help humanitarian causes, to reach more people at the time of disasters, to reduce the risks of disasters, to collect more, safer blood at the time of emergent needs, and to reach out to the victims and the disadvantaged people across the world”. 
Kınık who said that Turkcell Akademi, the e-learning platform of Turkcell will provide a major opportunity to the national relief organization which will enable Syrian refugees in Turkey, who are over three million, to learn Turkish and Arabic via an online platform. Turkcell will also facilitate communication at disaster and blood collection sites, reported Kınık, reminding that the Turkish Red Crescent Society can effectively function through donations and support stressed the importance of carrier services to be provided by Turkcell.
Kınık said that duing the holy month of Ramadan they will be standing with the victims of terrorism in Eastern and Southeaster Anatolia added “with its food aid brought to more than 30 thousand families, Turkcell will be one of the biggest supporters of Kızılay”.
“We are trying to empathize with the closest, as well as those who are the remotest”
Turkcell Board Chair Akça expressed the reason for this union as “the redefinition of the historical alliance between the two organizations as a comprehensive partnership”. “We completed this aid project with the donations and other supporting activities. We are extremely happy to work in close partnership with Kızılay which inspires hope amid human suffering through its outreach to Bosnia, Palestine, Somalia and Afghanistan and which reinforces the fraternal ties we have inherited from our ancestors. Today, we are augmenting both the volume of our relief and the technology and communication support. We are solidifying the relationship between Turkcell and Kızılay as a united front. With the goodwill protocol we will sign today, we are confirming our commitment to increasing the support of Turkcell to Kızılay to 5 million TL. We feel fortunate that we are publicizing this partnership right before the start of the Ramadan, the month of fraternity, sharing and solidarity and fertility. The month of Ramadan graces us not only with a spiritual cleansing for the individual, but also with social sensitivity and altruism. We are trying to empathize with those who are remotest to us in the same level as those who are the closest”.  
Following these remarks, Akça and Kınık signed the goodwill protocole.