“Let’s Meet Under the Crescent this Ramadan”

07/06/2016 Paylaş:   

Turkish Red Crescent Society (“Kızılay”) which stands with the people in need beyond times of natural disasters, will continue providing social relief projects throughout the month of Ramadan. The Society will provide innovative solutions to both the charitable and the communities who are in need.
The needs of the citizens who are identified to be in true need of social support as a result of the comprehensive social evaluations undertaken by almost 700 branches of the Society spanning Turkey, will continue to be served during the month of Ramadan. The altruistic who would like to reach out to the underprivileged during the month of Ramadan will have the option to choose from a variety of effective donation models offered by the Society.
Campaign for Ramadan Food Parcels
Turkish Red Crescent which distributed a total of apprx. 50.000 food parcels last year through collaborations with various institutions, plans to continue this year with a extremely high target of bringing Ramadan blessing to the tables of 500.000 people in need, way beyond the doubled amount of 100.000 food parcels. 
The food parcels will be available for donations at chain supermarkets including Migros on behalf of the Turkish Red Crescent Society. The food parcel donations will also be enabled by the official website of the Society. The donated food parcels will be distributed to the underprivileged homes during the month of Ramadan.
Kızılay Food Parcels donated in chain stores
The benefactor who buys as many parcels as desired at the “Ramadan Food Parcel” sections of the chain supermarkets joining the campaign “Let’s Meet Under the Crescent This Ramadan”, will be directed to the Turkish Red Crescent Society booth. The Society staff who receives the donation will place the Turkish Red Crescent logo on the parcel and receive it from the benefector with a donation invoice. The Ramadan packages bought via the Migros Virtual Store, will also be distributed to the people in need. The clients will not be limited on the number of Ramadan packages they would like to donate. They will be provided updates on the progress of their donation’s reaching its destination.
The people in need will be given Kızılay Card
The distribution of Kızılay Cards, which enables the beneficiaries to buy what they specifically need, will continue through the month of Ramadan. With this modern and exemplary project, the cash donations of the benefactors will be loaded on the “Kızılay Cards” produced by Halkbank. These cards will be handed to the families who after a thorough review of the Turkish Red Crescent Society, are identified to be in need.
Soup kitchens will serve hot meals
Turkish Red Crescent Society who feed hungry families on an ongoing basis will expand its services during Ramadan through its 13 soup kitchens to include daily meals, ifthar meal and distribution of dry food. Hot meals prepard from highly nutritious ingredients will be taken to the aged and the ailing who are not able to come to the soup kitchens in special meal containers.
Alms and kurban sacrifice  
The year-long kurban sacrifice donations will continue during the Ramadan of 2016. As in the past Ramadans, the alms-giving and sacrifice meat donations will continue to reach the beneficiaries through Turkish Red Crescent Society.   
400 thousand canned sacrifice meat will be distributed during Ramadan
The distribution of the canned meat received from the religious sacrifice animals cut in compliance with the Islamic and hygienic conditions will continue during the Ramadan month. 400 thousand cans of meat will be transported to their eagerly awaiting homes during Ramadan.
Different options for donations
Benefectors who would like to support the Turkish Red Crescent Society over the month of Ramadan and to share the blessings of this holy month with those who are in true need have a variety of options for donations. They can make donations at the banks through the Turkish Red Crescent Society’s donation collection system and donation accounts, the Society’s postal cheque account # 2868, the Ramadan Food Parcel Donation section on its official website (www.kizilay.org.tr), its toll-free information and donation phone line (168), and through its branches all across the country. They can also send a blank SMS to 2868 from any cellphone operator and make a 10 TL donation.