New 11-Ton Humanitarian Relief to Gaza

05/09/2016 Paylaş:   

Right after the relations between Turkey and Israil has returned to normal, a decision was
made to reach out to Gaza under blockade with humanitarian aid. The humanitarian aid
materials brought together under the organization of AFAD (Disaster and Emergency
Management of the Turkish Prime Ministry) were dispatched to the Ashdod Port of Israel in
a vessel called “Lady Leyla”.
The good-cause vessel loaded with materials which will meet the humanitarian needs of the
people of Gaza under siege arrived in Ashdod Port for unloading after a journey of 35 hours.
The materials unloaded from the vessel which was welcomed by Dr. Kerem Kınık, the
General President of Turkish Red Crescent, İsmail Hakkı Turunç, the Vice General President,
Dr. Mehmet Güllüoğlu, the General Manager and Mehmet Halis Bilden, Deputy President of
AFAD was delivered to Gaza by about 500 trucks.
General President Dr. Kerem Kınık commented “this is the first step towards the removal of
the embargo and clearing the path for the humanitarian aid and development aid to Gaza
and this process will continue. We hope that this process will be a happier, more prosperous
future for the Palestinians”.
The materials were distributed by the Turkish Red Crescent  
The distribution of the humanitarian aid materials with a total weight of 11 tons, with a total
worth of 25 million TL, comprised of 13.775 food parcels, 5 thousand tons of flour, 3
thousand tons of sugar, 2 thousand tons of rice, 500 tons of sunflower oil, 100 thousand
clothing items, 20 thousand pairs of shoes, 10.104 toys and 1500 baby diapers in Gaza was
organized by the Turkish Red Crescent.