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Turkish Red Crescent Society Stands With Those in Democracy Watch

Turkish Red Crescent Society showed solidarity with the Turkish citizens who took hold of the city squares after the attempted coup of July 15, taking ownership of their country and democracy. The Society which catered for the citizens who took to the squares in many citizens, the largest groups being in Ankara and Istanbul, for a month also provided psycho social support to the mourning families of those who lost their lives during the heinous attempt who are waiting at the door of the Forensic Medicine Institution which has the bodies of the victims.

Turkish Red Crescent branches joined the crowds in the squares to provide food items showing solidarity with the national will. Turkish Red Crescent volunteers who observed the “democracy watch” with the millions of people who met at the public squares received public commendation.

The Society did not forget about the democracy martrys and veterans. Turkish Red Crescent staff who joined the funerals of the martyrs supported the suffering families. They also visited hospitalized families.

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The Turkish Red Crescent has the right without permission of the fundraising is a public benefit corporation.


Companies, mainly according to the Turkish Red Crescent Food Banking employees do their food, cleaning, clothing, fuel, can benefit from the tax exemption for donations to save costs.