Kızılay Provides Humanitarian Aid to Jarabulus Cleared from ISIS

05/09/2016 Paylaş:   

The first humanitarian aid dispatch to the city of Jarabulus, Syria which was recently cleared from the ISIS threat was made by Turkish Red Crescent Society. The Society is serving three courses of meals a day in the city cleared from the terrorists.

Turkish Red Crescent teams which travelled to Jarabulus, a city of the Aleppo Governorate, the control of which has been seized by the Free Syria Army (FSA) served hot meals at the Martyrs Square after the intensive security measures by the soldiers of FSA which received warm public attention.

General President Dr. Kerem Kınık who visited thr Turkish Red Crescent teams which started working in Karkamış, Gaziantep from day one of the operaton started against ISIS in the Syrian soil talked about the road map for the humanitarian aid for the residential areas cleared from the terrorist organization.

Relief Efforts will Increase

Kınık, who contacted the local authorities informing them about the preparations undertaken by the Turkish Red Crescent Society, stressed that the humanitarian aid will be taken to each point cleared from the terrorism, the people of Cerablus as the first step. Kınık said that the humanitarian support packages of food and clothing for the Kurban bayram are ready for the people displaced by the ISIS terror.   


Turkish Red Crescent Society which has been preparing hot meals in the mobile kitchen in Karkamış district of Gaziantep extends their catering efforts across the border by going three times a day to Jarabulus.