Monetary Support for 1 Million Syrian with the “Red Crescent” Card

30/11/2016 Paylaş:   

One million Syrian living cities outside the camp in Turkey will be supported financially each at 100 TL monthly in cash within the scope of “Aid Programme for Social Adaptation of Migrants” financed by the European Union. In the first stage of the programme, a resource of 348 million Euros will be transferred in total.
Turkey received the first part of the aid, 348 million Euro, as planned by the European Union for the Syrian living in Turkey amounting total 6 billion Euros. With this Money, which is to be distributed to the Syrians with the Red Crescent Card developed by the Turkish Red Crescent under “Aid Programme for Social Adaptation of Migrants”, 1 million Syrians, especially those who are in need the most, will be supported TL 100 each month. Aids will have been completed until the end of 2017.
Known as the biggest humanitarian aid resource transfer in the European Union history, programme was publicized in Ankara. With the participations of Christos Stylianides, European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, Ertharin Cousine, Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme, Dr. Kerem Kinik, the President of Turkish Red Crescent, Mehmet Halis Bilden, President of Disaster and Emergency Management and representatives of other institutions, the programme evaluated crisis in Syria and humanitarian aids and briefed on new aids.
“Let no babies die like Aylan”
Stating that the crisis in Syria had been waiting for a solution for 2 thousand and 21 days and despite the hopes cherished by people, no solutions had been found yet, President Mr. Kinik also underlined that open-door policy adopted by Turkey had saved millions of lives.
Mentioning that billions of dollars of aid had been lent to the Syrians, both living in Turkey and Syria, until today, Mr. Kinik indicated his happiness for delivery of 348 billion Euro aid package by EU to those in need through the Red Crescent. “The more Red Crescent Cards are delivered, the more babies like Aylan will survive and the less people will endanger their lives on paths for migrations” Kinik said and highlighted that aids had to be yet increased more.