First Humanitarian Aid to Mosul by Turkish Red Crescent

30/11/2016 Paylaş:   

Turkish Red Crescent completed its planning against any humanitarian crisis that may occur after military operations campaigned to clear Mosul from DAESH Terrorist Organization. Red Crescent dispatched from Ankara the first batch of aid materials to be distributed to those in need in Mosul and Tal Afar. 20 trucks contain 500 tons of humanitarian aid materials in total.
Maintaining aids to those in need in Iraq for long years, Turkish Red Crescent launched a humanitarian aid campaign titled “Mosul is Your Land, Too” right after the operation of Mosul. With this campaign, 500 tons of aid materials on 20 trucks were dispatched to Iraq at first stage.
Dr. Kerem Kinik, President of the Red Crescent highlighted that Turkey would be the most affected by any possible migration due to the events in Mosul and Tal Afar and called charitable people to support the campaign “Mosul is Your Land, Too”. Stressing that corporate benefactors could support the area with cash aids and other aids in kind, Mr. Kinik continued:
“Those people, who live in that area, are our relatives, neighbors, sisters and brothers for a millennium. On such a tragedy, the first place they look at is Turkey and the first communiy they seek aid from is our nation. We shall not leave them alone, we shall hold their hands and relieve their wounds. Mosul is our land, too and let’s not leave them in a circle of fire of one terrorist organization”.