Life Back to Normal in Jarabulus

30/11/2016 Paylaş:   

Fully cleared of DAESH with Operation Euphrates Shield, life is going back to normal in Jarabulus with supports of Turkey. Looking at the future with hope, thanks to humanitarian aids also by Turkish Red Crescent, people in Jarabulus are served best in healthcare and food.
Dr. Kerem Kinik, President of Red Crescent visited the region for the second time after his first visit right after Jarabulus was cleared of any remaining terrorists.
President Kinik visited Jarabulus Hospital, which was rapidly refurbished and equipped technically by the Ministry of Health for treatment of citizens returning back to Jarabulus after conflicts and expressed his appreciation in seeing life back to normal.
Serves 400 patients a day
President Kinik said that the Ministry of Health had stepped in to fulfill the need for healthcare services in the region in the wake of Operation Euphrates Shield and the hospital had been reactivated in a very short period of time, just in one month and added that units at hospitals had been organized with the supports of the Red Crescent and healthcare services had been resumed and stressed further that the hospital served 400 people in average per day.