Sido’s Dreams Came True By The Echo Funded Community Center in İstanbul

08/03/2017 Paylaş:   

Dilivan Sido, 22 year old Syrian women who came to Turkey 4 years ago.  She registered in hairdressing course which she could not able to in Syria because of the expensive costs.  Sido said she was delighted to be part of the Istanbul Bağcılar Community Center, funded by the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid Office (ECHO).
Describing that she lost her parents before the war, Sido lives with his brother (55), his wife and 3 children.
“I Feel Lucky Myself”
Sido, after hearing his neighbor came to the Turkish Red Crescent Community Center to register for the Turkish course, said she also decided to register to the Community Center.
Dilivan Sido, who came to Bağcılar Community Center for 3 days a week, "I wanted to go to a hairdressing course in Syria but it was a very expensive course. I am very happy that this luck is given to me here. I feel lucky myself "she said.
Her Fiance Got Lost but Found Eachother in Facebook
Stating that she wants to go to Denmark with her fiancé Rizga Halouda (25). Sido said she thought she had lost his fiancé in Syria during the war and later her fiancé Rizga found her on Facebook.
"We met with Rizga while we were there. We loved each other. We did not hear from each other after the war. Later, he found and added me via Facebook. Then he came and asked me to marry with him. Now, we have a dream about going to Denmark, " Sido said.