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First Syrian Astronaut Muhammad Ahmed Faris Visited Turkish Red Crescent Community Center

Muhammad Ahmad Faris (66), Syria's first astronaut and the second Arab in space visited the Turkish Red Crescent Bagcilar Community Center. Faris met with the children in the Community Center and shared his experience.

Describing the importance of science to the children, Muhammad Faris, “I advise to give them to importance of knowing. They need to learn more about space research. I want them to think that future will be better. I would like to show and share my experiences with children" said Faris, who came to Istanbul from Aleppo in 2013.
Faris, who lives in Istanbul for about 4 years, feels happy in Turkey and said, "Turks are the same as us, our cultures are similar. I feel good here."
Shared Experiences with Children
As a military aviator in the Syrian Air Force,Faris joined a Soviet crew on the orbiting space station Mir in 1987 and spent 7 days 23 hours and 5 minutes in space. Describing his experiences to the children in Turkish Red Crescent Community Center and showed video footage, Faris explained the difficulties in space. Faris shared with children how they met their basic needs in space and their preparations.
“Let’s get united”        
Faris, who became Syria's first, the second astronaut of the Arab world, said: "A good country should have a knowledge of science and space. I advise Syrian children to importance of knowing. They need to learn about space research. I want them to think ‘tomorrow will be better.’ The Earth is our mother. The important thing is to appreciate to earth and let's get united.”
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