Great Example Of Behavior From Syrian Refugee Selim

21/04/2017 Paylaş:   

The Syrian refugee Yasir Selim, who stayed at the facilities in the Akçakale returned the deposited money from the old Red Crescent Card considering the people who need more than him.
A Syrian refugee Yasir Selim, who issued a new Red Crescent Card after he started to stay at the accommodation facilities of Akçakale in Şanlıurfa, returned the money to the authorities considering other owners who needs it before the old card was canceled.
Yasir Selim (42), a tailor in Aleppo, sheltered Turkey about 5 years ago due to civil war in Syria, with his mother, sister, wife and children. Selim and his family stayed at the accommodation facility which was built by AFAD in Kahramanmaraş for a while and then moved to Akçakale where the relatives were located.
Selim, who was staying in a rented home in the district, applied to the Kızılay Card given to outside the camp as part of the "Program for Social Adaptation for Foreigners" organized by the Turkish Red Crescent, Family and Social Policy Ministry and the UN World Food Program. Later, Yasir Selim, who settled in Akçakale Suleyman Shah Accomodation Facilities with his family, was issued a card here by the Turkish Red Crescent.
Selim started to use his new card and returned the money which was loaded on the old card considering the other owners who needs it. He said he had to abandon his house because of persecution in his country after he worked in Suleymaniye region for many years.
“I tried to stand my own feet”
Selim explained that they were very well welcomed in Turkey and that they would never forget this goodness made to them. Selim said, "I tried to stand on my own feet by tailoring in Akçakale. I did not think about coming to the camp because I was in good health and I was about to work, I did not want to burden anyone. It was not much work, I applied to the Turkish Red Crescent's card when my money was finished, but my card did not come out.”
“Our conscience is at ease”
After coming to the accommodation facilities, Selim continued, saying: "After I came here, the card that I applied to the outside came and they gave me a card from there, and there were two cards, but when I saw the authorities that I knew, they said that it was not appropriate for me to get the money. I wanted to go to the bank and return the money, but the bank did not accept it. I had to talk to the Turkish Red Crescent. I immediately returned both the card and the money. Thank God, we have no business with haram. There was a doubt that we could not use the money for it. We actually needed it, but Allah protects us from haram. Thank God our conscience is at ease."
"I hope it will set an example for all humanity”
Turkish Red Crescent Akçakale Service Center Representative Metin Özay also stated that they started to use the cards in the camp since 2012 and that they will benefit from the camps in 2015 as well. Özay, who stated that the program within the scope of "Program for Social Adaptation Program for Foreigners" was expanded at the end of 2016, said that the cards were paid 100 lira per person per month. When Yasir Selim was out of the camp, the application was made and he was entitled to receive help if his criteria were met.
Özay said: "When it comes to the camp, the Red Crescent Card is issued for it and the previous card is canceled. He has a large family, his mother, wife, sister, 4 children, who could use this money comfortably, but he could listen to the voice of his conscience and deliver the card. We congratulate him, I hope that he will be an example of all mankind."