Turkish Red Crescent Health Education Center is Open

22/09/2017 Paylaş:   

In order to make it easier for the Syrian citizens who took refuge in Turkey and took temporary protection to escape from the civil war in their countries, the training center project was implemented by the Turkish Red Crescent.
The first training center under the program financed by the European Union was opened in Konya. The center, which started to serve in Konya, which has the most Syrians living intensely, attracted great interest.
At the center, basic health information, basic health risks, healthy life, good hygiene practices are given. The second target is to reach 60 thousand people in 3 years in the centers planned to open in Şanlıurfa.
Consultancy service
Beneficiaries will be given guidance and consultancy services to related institutions and organizations, besides health education.
First aid kits, animations, printed and visual materials will be supported.