A Lesson in Humanity by a Syrian Family

06/10/2017 Paylaş:   

Escaping from the civil war in their country, Syrian Said’s Family has recently lost their son and cancelled their Red Crescent Card fund, which was granted to their children within the scope of Social Adaptation Aid Program for Foreigners (SUY), because they thought others might need it more.
40-year old Abdurrahman Said used to work as a driver in Aleppo yet had to take refuge in Turkey with his wife and 5 kids around 4 years ago due to civil war in Syria. His family entitled to assistance in the context of “Social Adaptation Aid Program for Foreigners” conducted in cooperation with Turkish Red Crescent, Ministry of Family and Social Policies and UN World Food Programme.
Later on, family’s 17-year old son, Mehmet visited Syria in Eid-Al-Fitr where he lost his life. The family insisted that they had no right in the fund deposited with Red Crescent Card since their child died and applied to Turkish Red Crescent Service Center to return savings in that account.
“We had no right”
Father Abdurrahman Said says, “my son returned to Syria and we had not heard from him for a long while, and then we found out that he was dead. We suffered grave pain, his mother and siblings could not come to themselves for several days yet it could not be helped. Allah created him, and Allah took him. My son’s aid card had 2-3 month money deposit. We could not spend it because we thought we had no right. We could have used it for a long time, if we wanted to but that was not the right thing to do. So we applied to a center and cancelled the card”.