Aid from Turkish Red Crescent to Turkish Village in Yemen

06/10/2017 Paylaş:   

Turkish Red Crescent recently sent 11,000 tons of humanitarian aid to war-torn Yemen, which is still tearing apart with fights making it hard for the civilian to gain access to safe food and humanitarian aid, and now reached unaided regions including a Turkish village.
Turkish Red Crescent officials planned to send 37 tons of flour and 1,500 food aid packages to Turks, who had been moved to Yemen during Ottoman Period and now live in El-Mahwit district. Having dispatched aid packages to Turkish village, Red Crescent delivered those packages with the support of local authorities.
Aids Delivered All Around Yemen
Turkish Red Crescent has distributed humanitarian aids in 16 district since the beginning of humanitarian aid operation. Aids have been delivered to 2 million 100 thousand people in need until now.
The Turkish Red Crescent has also delivered 47,240 kg of drugs, which have been donated by the Ministry of Health and transported to Yemen, to help treatment of 300,000 people. Two field hospitals, which have been dispatched and installed also by the Ministry of Health, will serve two large cities with total population reaching up to 5 million when operated in full capacity.