President Kinik Running for IFRC Europe Zone Presidency

19/10/2017 Paylaş:   

International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the world’s strongest and earliest charity movement, will elect its new governing board in Antalya, hosted by Turkish Red Crescent. Standing as a candidate to International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Europe Zone Presidency, Dr. Kerem Kinik, Red Crescent President will compete with charity for the new period of the Movement.

President Kinik informed about the agenda of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the world’s strongest and earliest charity movement, during the meeting attended by both local and foreign press members in Istanbul. Declaring that IFRC General Assembly would be held in Antalya in early November, Dr. Kinik also added that the General Assembly, which convenes every four years, would define new vision and strategies as well as selecting global federation presidents, and presidents for four different continents and board members.
Kerem Kinik also informed that general assembly elected the governing body of federation while releasing the preceding. With the pleasure of hosting such statutory meetings, Kinik noted: “because Turkish Red Crescent Society will celebrate its 150th anniversary next year. We are talking about a long-established movement of one and a half century old and the milestone of such one and a half century old movement is corresponding to our hosting in Antalya with a great synchronicity. Around 1500 charity ambassadors we call ‘good hands’ will attend this meeting from 190 countries around the world. We will discuss many topics including ‘How can we relieve human sufferings? How can we protect human dignity? How can we be of more help to those in need? How can we reinforce our endurance against both natural and human disasters in our own societies?’ during the meeting. We have no other agenda”.
“In order to have more than a voice”
Kinik mentioned that he would also like to share a news there and continued: “We, as Turkish Red Crescent of 1,5 century old within the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, this ‘good hand’s movement of 1,5 century old, are running for European Presidency in federation elections to be held in November this year. We do say that a much more powerful humanitarian aid sector is required to relieve human suffering. And therefore, the Red Crescent and Red Cross Movement, which unfortunately is not now in its well-deserved place with its savings of 1,5 century, needs to have more than a voice, more than a share in this humanitarian aid sector”.

Underlining that the utmost strategic goal to raise federation is the fortification of national societies, Kinik added: “We believe that stronger national societies require an increase in structural capacity of federation’s reorganization and a bridge to transfer knowledge”.