Turkish Red Crescent Opens Two More ‘Compassion Stores’ For The Victims In Idlib

02/11/2017 Paylaş:   

Red Crescent is opening two more Compassion Stores in Idlib to convey clothes donated by the benevolent in Turkey to those in need. Red Crescent will have 11 stores in the region including newly opened ones.

Sustaining its assistance to the war-weary living in Idlib, Syria, Red Crescent is opening two more ‘Compassion Stores’ in Idlib to convey clothing donated by benevolent in Turkey, totaling up to 11 stores in the region including newly opened ones.

One of these stores will be located on Bab Al Hawa-Sarmade Crossing and serve around 2 thousand 400 families lodged in 5 camps and 12 orphanages.

Another Compassion Store in the centrum aims at reaching out to Syrian victims who live in the city center and neighborhood. This new system will ensure that this orphanage and families lodged in these camps are taken to the Red Crescent’s Compassion Store through service vehicles for shopping.

Syrian people, who are struggling for life under harsh conditions, will be able to freely choose and wear clothes they need to their own liking at these Compassion Stores.

31 thousand 478 people have benefited from the Red Crescent’s Compassion Stones in Idlib until today and more than 100 thousand parts of clothing have been supplied to those in need.

Shopping coupons delivered

Special shopping coupons are delivered for shopping at Compassion Stores to those who are found to be in need as identified by the Red Crescent staff members. Such coupons contain points that are replaced with price labels on products in stores so that people can meet their clothing needs at those stores with no cost and at their own sizes, favorite colors and features.

32 Compassion Stores serving domestically

Prioritizing social aids since the first day of its founding, Turkish Red Crescent helps not only those poor people abroad but also those in Turkey throughout the year. There are 32 Compassion Stores affiliated with the Red Crescent branches. Some of these stores are located inside university campus buildings to serve free to all those in need. Every year, hundreds of thousands of clothing are delivered to their true owners through these stores.