The Most Participated Humanitarian Aid Meeting Of The World Ends

14/11/2017 Paylaş:   

General Council of International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies hosted by Turkish Red Crescent in Antalya at which Turkish Red Crescent was elected the Europe Continental President ended. Stating that 189 participants and 2 observer countries took part in the General Council, President Dr. Kerem Kınık said, “This is a record in the humanitarian aid efforts. We will appeal to Guinness for the registration of the record.”  
General Council and Legal Meetings of International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) was hosted by the Turkish Red Crescent Society in Antalya between 5-11 November 2017 with the participation of 104 delegates from 189 countries. In his closing speech, the President of Turkish Red Crescent Dr. Kerem Kınık told that it was a great honor to have hosted Legal Meetings of International Red Cross-Red Crescent Movement which is the largest humanitarian network of the world.
It is a participation record
Stating that it was a participation record at the General Council, Dr. Kınık said, “In days to come, we will appeal to Guinness to register the participation as a world record and make our union known around the world. We organized the General Council with 191 countries with 189 participant countries and observer countries T.R.N.C. and Kosovo. It took 4 days to arrive at Antalya from some island countries but almost the entire world was here.”
Strategy of 2030 is being prepared
Emphasizing that a more powerful Red Crescent-Red Cross Movement is needed to cope with all challenges and crises faced by humanity today, Dr. Kınık continued, “The Red Crescent-Red Cross Movement needs to be more powerful in an age of rapid changes, uncertainties and crises. Regarding the matters discussed during our meetings in Antalya, it was unanimously accepted that this large family of aid will meet more than ever. Several issues to lay the foundation of our 2030 strategy were addressed in our general council meetings, including the bilateral and multilateral meetings, general sessions and panels, voluntariness and migration. Once we meet our 2020 strategy, we will keep saving lives and changing minds. Our productive meetings here provide a concrete framework for the necessary updates to set the 2030 strategy in the following decade.”
The new board was elected
The election was also held at the General Council. Francesco Rocca (Italian Red Cross) became the new president of the federation.  The Turkish Red Crescent was elected one of the four vice presidents (Continental Presidency). The President Dr. Kerem Kınık will act as the Europe Continental President of the Federation in the following four years. Other newly-elected continental presidents include the Africa Continental President Abdoul Azize Diallo (Senegalese Red Cross), America Continental Red Cross Miguel Angel Villarroel Sierraalta (Venezuelan Red Cross), and Asia-Pacific Continental President Chen-Zu (Chinese Red Cross). While Dr. Kerem Kınık was elected with 116 votes, his competitor President Volkmar Schön of the German Red Cross received 62 votes. The Europe Continent board was composed of Spanish Red Cross, British Red Cross, Georgian Red Cross, Danish Red Cross, and Croatian Red Cross.