EU Delegation Visit To Kilis Community Center

25/11/2017 Paylaş:   

The head of EU Delegation to Turkey Ambassador Christian Berger and Committee members visited Kilis Community Center

The head of the EU Delegation to Turkey Ambassador Christian Berger, who is Turkey Ambassador of the Delegation since November 2016, and EU Delegation Committee members visited Turkish Red Crescent Kilis Community Center, which is funded by European Union.

Mr. Berger visited Turkish language course consisting of Syrian women and talkted to both the participants and their instructor. He also attended to music class and joined to chorus of group of Syrian young people while they were performing Turkish songs. He, with his wife Ms. Marilena Berger,  accompanied these Syrian young people chorus and got a conversation with them.

“I would like to thank the Red Crescent for their cooperation. We will continue to work together'' said Christian Berger.

He also made a statement to the press by saying that Kilis has great importance for them. He continued: “Kilis welcomes a large number of Syrian guests. We have very close cooperation with the municipal governorship and the Red Crescent. This center serves the development of many skills. For example, there is a language class on the side. Syrian women learn Turkish there. Here, young people come together and play music. In addition to them, they also provide training in many subjects, ranging from sewing stitches to computer courses.”
At the end of his speech, he thanked Turkish Red Crescent for their cooperation and signalled that the cooperation will continue in the future as well.

Turkish Red Crescent Community Centers since 2015

Turkish Red Crescent Community Centers provide psychological support, protection as well as livelihood development and harmonization to Syrian people with its different social and cultural activities since 2015. The Centers  are currently located in Bursa, İstanbul (Sultanbeyli), İstanbul (Bağcılar), Ankara, İzmir, Konya, Mersin, Adana, Gaziantep, Kilis and Şanlıurfa provinces. These Centers are preferred by many Syrian and local people including women, children, young people and people with disabilities with its different types of courses such as vocational courses as well as Turkish language courses.