UNICEF Turkey Visit To Kilis Child Protection Office

25/11/2017 Paylaş:   

UNICEF Turkey Representative Duamelle and Goodwill Ambassador Büyüküstün visited Community Center Child Protection Office and house of Syrian family in Kilis.

UNICEF Representative in Turkey Philippe Duamelle and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Tuba Büyüküstün visited Turkish Red Crescent Community Center Child Protection Office in Kilis, Turkey. During their visit, the General Coordinator of Red Cross Red Crescent Movement Cooperation Programme  in Turkey, Erdem Kamil Güler, the project manager of Kilis Community Center Zeynep Meltem Torun and Turkish Red Crescent field staff accompanied them.

Mr. Güler made a brief presentation about the general process of child protection works and Conditional Cash Transfer works of Turkish Red Crescent. He said that more than 49.000 children is aimed to be reached through activities. These consist of activities which are against child labor, child marriage, discrimination and exclusion of children as well as activities against peer bullying and language barriers. Mr. Dumall also stated that the one of the most important points are to i) identify who are reachable and ii) to go into community with outreach team.

Philippe Duamelle ended up the meeting by saying “Please keep a smile on your face”.

UNICEF Representative Mr. Dumall and Ms. Büyüküstün asked some questions to both the coordinator and the field staff. 

They asked the biggest challenge they face during the visit. The field staff responded that most of the Syrian people mention about off-topic problems even though the main purpose of visits are conditional cash transfer content. Moreover, they added that Syrian people have their own social media groups and in those groups, these people mention their expectations from Turkish Red Crescent to visit them. The issue of trust and concrete solutions to the problems are other points the staff highlighted that they encountered in their field visits.

At the end of their Center visit, Philippe Duamelle ended up the Center meeting by saying “Please keep a smile on your face” to the TRC Staff.

UNICEF Representative and Goodwill Ambassador together with Turkish Red Crescent made Home Visit to Syrian Family

After the Child Protection Office, the group made a home visit to Syrian Family, who consist of four (4) children and their mother. The mother and her son, who is the only working person in the family, welcomed the group. She said that three of her children, who are in 10th, 7th and 6th grades had only small problems when they came to Turkey. She said that their ID cards were given in a very short time. Some difficulties the children faced were especially about adaptation and language problems, she added.

Mr. Dumall and other UNICEF staff asked questions about the payments in CCC and education of the children. “My children love to study and get education. My youngest child even cries when he cannot understand some words. They are eager to learn Turkish.” Syrian mother said.