Tribute to Red Crescents by UN Committee

07/12/2017 Paylaş:   

United Nations (BM) United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Ursula Mueller visited Turkish Red Crescent Headquarters. Meeting with the President Dr. Kerem Kınık, the UN committee addressed the subject of humanitarian aid.
Sharing that they have been in close contact with UN about the planning of cross-border aids after the start of Syrian crisis, Turkish Red Crescent President Dr. Kerem Kınık said “We are emphasizing our decisiveness in continuing our cooperation with UN.”

 “Turkish Red Crescents problem-solving skills are amazing
Highlighting that Turkish Red Crescent’s aids on global level as well as its effort about the refugees are remarkable, BM Assistant Secretary-General Ursula Mueller said, “We are aware of the sacrifice and generosity of Turkey about the acceptance of Syrian refugees. Many of our UN organizations are collaborating with Turkish Red Crescent for the aid to refugees. Red Crescent Card as a cash-based aid is regarded as a model around the world in terms of the number of people to which it was delivered. And Turkish Red Crescent’s problem-solving skills are amazing in their cross-border aids. I am thanking Turkish Red Crescent for their help.”