Help Gets to Thousands of Arakanese Every Day

07/12/2017 Paylaş:   

Turkish Red Crescent is distributing aid to thousands in the camps of Arakanese Muslims. Distributing especially food and hygiene packages, the Turkish Red Crescent team is taking the aid materials for the elderly and patient to their homes.
Number of Arakanese Muslims who have been escaping from the attacks in Myanmar to Bangladesh in 25 August exceeded 620,000. Not having remained silent before the request for help coming from hundred thousands of Arakanese who run away from the oppression in Myanmar and took refuge in Bangladesh, Turkish Red Crescent have brought help to ten thousands of Arakanese in Bangladesh especially since the start of the latest refugee influx.
Aid Materials Meet a Month of Need
Operating in the region for about 5 years, Turkish Red Crescents have distributed 37,427 emergency food packages, 19,744 food packages, 16,155 hygiene packages, and 5,000 blankets to the Arakanese staying in several camps in Bangladesh since 25 August.