Conflict Victim Iraqis Return Home

07/12/2017 Paylaş:   

Families have started to return to the city of Tal Afar in Iraq where the security has been reestablished upon the elimination of terrorist elements. Especially locals of Tal Afar who fled to Syria are returning to their homes. Turkish Red Crescent is helping the families during the travel of remigration.
Tal Afar locals who escaped from the civil conflict in Iraq and took refuge in safe regions in Syria where terrorist organizations were removed with the support of Turkey are going back their homes. A group of Iraqis including women and children was brought to the buffer zone at Öncüpınar Border Gate via Syrian-plate vehicles following the customs transactions. Checked by the teams of Iraqi Consulate and Kilis Immigration Authority, the people were provided with aid packages that involve canned food, bread, water, biscuit, and blankets by Turkish Red Crescent.