716 Children Smiled With Children’s Fair

15/02/2018 Paylaş:   

Adana Community Center in the Turkish Red Crescent Societies, which provides psychological support, protection, livelihood development and social harmonization since 2015, has organized a Children's Fair for 716 children.

In order to increase the motivation of the children in the new education period, three inflatable playgrounds were established in Adana Semiha Uruninandı Temporary Training Center and cotton candy and pop corn stands were built for children.

The Syrian children enjoyed at the playground together with Turkish Red Crescent Community Center staff and volunteers; they took photos with the clown; participated in the face painting activity, and exhibited their talents with the arranged voice contest.

At the end of the event, everyone involved in the activity including children carried out environmental cleanup together in order to increase the awareness on environmental protection.
The Turkish Red Crescent Society Centers organize many activities for the social cohesion of displaced children and young people living in our country, in order to increase their self-development and mutual communication. It also gives them opportunity to get socialized and enjoy. 13th of Turkish Red Crescent Community Center, which has already 12 centers in different parts of Turkey, will be opened in Kahramanmaraş in following days, then opening of Mardin and Kayseri will follow.

By the end of December 2017, 48.430 people benefited from Social, Cultural and Harmonization activities of Community Centers.