President Kınık’s Gift to the Pope was a “Values” Clock

28/02/2018 Paylaş:   

Dr. Kerem Kınık, President of the Turkish Red Crescent and Vice-President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) for the European and Central Asian Regions, payed a visit to Vatican at the invitation of Pope Franciscus, together with IFRC President and Italian Red Cross President Francesco Rocca and members of the Federation Governing Board.
Gathering with 6 thousand volunteers from the Italian Red Cross and the IFRC delegation at the Aula Paolo VI Hall, Pope Franciscus said “Hands which strive to find a solution to world poverty, issues and migration-related problems need to be stronger.” Pope Franciscus expressed his thanks to all members of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement who have shown an effort in this field.
“This gathering was important in that it calls attention to what is going on today”
President Kınık remarked that meeting with Pope Franciscus was particularly important with regard to the fact that it took place in a time when polarization had excessively increased, people and civilizations were losing trust in each other, regional issues remained unresolved and humanitarian appeals needed to be made more vehemently.
Finding the opportunity to converse, Kınık presented an Ottoman clock to Pope Franciscus. During presentation of the gift to the Pope, President Kınık said “Whether humans, the beings rendered most honorable by God, are born under different names on different geographies; life has always been rooted in values. The values of our geography and land have been engraved on this watch: Unity, Knowledge, Enlightenment, Intelligence, Wisdom, Humanity, Action, Justice, Morality, Civilization, Peace, Truth. As President of the Turkish Red Crescent, which has respected these values throughout its 150-year history, I would be honored to present you with this valuable gift.”