Cooperation Between Turkish Red Crescent And Turkish Green Crescent

28/03/2018 Paylaş:   

Under the protocol signed between Turkish Green Crescent and the Turkish Red Crescent in 2016 in order to increase awareness on struggle with addiction, Turkish Green Crescent gave Trainer’s Training to Turkish Red Crescent Community Center staff between 21-23 March 2018 about struggle with addiction

With the protocol signed in 2016, it was aimed to create awareness in the schools and at the local level through some preventive and protective services because of the rising level and variety of addiction among people from all ages.

In accordance with this purpose, the Trainer’s Training was given between 21-23 March by many psychologists and academics who Turkish Green Crescent works with. In the training all addictions, especially technology, tobacco, alcohol and substance addiction, were explained; both technical and practical information were given. Participants underwent examinations at the end of the training, Turkey Addiction Training Program 'ATP Practitioners' certificates were distributed.

"The cooperation between Turkish Green Crescent and Turkish Red Crescent, and taking this training is important"  Turkish Red Crescent General Director İbrahim Altan said.

Turkish Red Crescent Director General İbrahim Altan and Deputy Director General Alper Küçük also attended to the inauguration of the training.  Director General İbrahim Altan made the opening speech, emphasized the importance of cooperation between Turkish Green Crescent and Turkish Red Crescent. He pointed out that it is especially important to take this training as employees who make contact with individual risk groups on substance abuse.

It is planned that Community Centers health professionals and psychologists, who take this trainings, will provide training to the beneficiaries, staff and the volunteers of the Turkish Red Crescent Community Centers as well as to other institutions and organizations.