Assistance to Zambia in Combating Cholera

24/04/2018 Paylaş:   

Taking action in support of Zambia, which is combating a cholera outbreak, the Turkish Red Crescent provided training by expert instructors and also provided hygiene material support to the country.
TİKA, İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the Turkish Red Crescent put together a team upon the call made by Zambia, and provided training on Hygiene and Solid Waste Management to doctors and government employees via expert instructors with the aim of preventing the spread of the cholera outbreak in Zambia and helping in its mitigation.
Apart from the training sessions, support regarding water sanitation and a hygiene kit was provided. Containing a toothbrush, tooth paste, towel, petroleum jelly, shoe polish, comb, sanitary pad and liquid chlorine enough for 1-month of clean water; the materials were distributed to 150 children in the Emmanuel Orphanage, 1500 children in the Kanyama Central Primary School and 16 thousand asylum-seekers living in refugee camps and coming from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Angola and Mozambique.