Serhat from Kosovo Smiled with the Red Crescent

24/04/2018 Paylaş:   

Unremittingly continuing its assistance apart from disaster aid, the Turkish Red Crescent delivered aid to those in need in Kosovo. 28-years-old Serhat Taduşka, who now has a wheelchair for the first time in his life, smiled thanks to the Turkish Red Crescent.
2 semi-trailer trucks full of food packages, clothes, wheelchairs and toys transported from Turkey to Kosovo were distributed as humanitarian aid to families in need of assistance in Prizren and Mamusha, cities to the southwest of the country, by the Turkish Red Crescent in collaboration with the Head of Kosovo Turkish Representation Committee and together with the Kosovo Red Cross.
“I thank the Turkish Red Crescent greatly.” 
Mother to a handicapped child of 28 years of age, Hadiye Taduşka from Prizren shared the happiness she felt with the donation of a wheelchair for her son by saying, “This is the first time my child has had a wheelchair. I thank the Turkish Red Crescent greatly. May God bless such people. God be willing that such aids continue.”  
Another family from Prizren to which the Turkish Red Crescent delivered aid was the Berişa family. Thanking Turkey for the aid that has been provided, Lebibe Berişa said, “You’ve helped us. May God bestow blessings on those who partook in delivering such aid.”
Standing by Kosovo since 1999, when the war came to an end, with aids during Ramadan and the Sacrifice Feast, as well as with aid activities continuing all throughout the year; the Turkish Red Crescent will also continue to distribute aid to those in need in different cities in Kosovo.