Food for Somalian Orphans from the Red Crescent

24/04/2018 Paylaş:   

The Red Crescent has been continuing humanitarian aid operations in Somalia since 2011, has concentrated on meeting the needs of orphanages in recent times and continues to provide hot meals to 21 orphanages which house thousands of orphans.
Located in the capital Mogadishu and continuously operating with donations of philanthropists, the Turkish Red Crescent Soup Kitchen produces more than a thousand meals each day. Meals prepared by the local personnel who have been trained by the Red Crescent chefs are then delivered to the orphanages once again by Red Crescent personnel.
The Turkish Red Crescent not only provides meals to orphanages, but it also operates projects regarding renovation of communal areas such as dormitories and classrooms. All such activities are carried out through its permanent representation office.