People who Regained their Health thanks to Stem Cell Transplantation Met with their Donors

24/04/2018 Paylaş:   

On the third anniversary of the TÜRKÖK Project, conducted in partnership between the Ministry of Health and the Red Crescent, a “Patient – Donor Meeting Event” was organized.
As part of the TÜRKÖK project sentient citizens, who became donors and donated stem cells when tissue compatibility was achieved, came together with the donees, patients who held onto life anew thanks to their donation, and shared their feelings.
“TÜRKÖK has saved the lives of around 700 people”
Reminding the call “Come forward, save a life” which was made three years ago, Red Crescent President Kınık stated that “310 donors with immense hearts quietly came to the fore thanks to TÜRKÖK. They saved the lives of around 700 people. There were more than 2 thousand matches.” 
“Now we also have a sister”
Donating his stem cells for Zeynep, who has spent most of her time in hospitals since the age of 18, Özkan Altınışık said “I accepted to become a stem cell donor while donating blood platelets. A transplantation was performed in 2016. We were three brother, now we also have a sister.” 
Donating stem cells for Eren, who was diagnosed with thalassaemia when he was 8 months old, donor Emrah said that taking a step forward to do something that takes nothing away from a person and donating blood was enough.
Expressing how excited he was when he heard that a transplantation was going to be performed, Yiğit said “I’m very fortunate to have Hilal, she has made me so happy.”
Sudenaz said “I’m so thankful for having this brother who gave me health and life,” while her mother stated “TÜRKÖK gave us hope when we didn’t have any. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project.”